'Gone To Pot': This Person Just Won Twitter With Their Take On Pat Butcher Smoking Weed

'Gone To Pot': This Person Just Won Twitter With Their Take On Pat Butcher Smoking Weed

The sight of former ‘EastEnders’ actress Pam St Clement getting high with a bunch of other D-list celebrities on ITV’s ‘Gone To Pot’ was always going to elicit some pretty hilarious reactions, but we are ready to bow down to one Twitter user with their take.

After the ITV documentary series aired its first episode on Monday (13 November) night, the social networking site was awash with fans hailing the former Pat Butcher actress smoking weed as one of the TV moments of the year.

Other reactions ranged from hilarity, confusion to complete bemusement, with even Lily Allen joining in: 
Pat Butcher getting turned up with a load of Nuns is the best thing I’ve seen on telly this year 😂😂😂 #GoneToPot pic.twitter.com/N8iSszVFVm
WHY is Pat Butcher from eastenders on itv passin the zoot and painting WHAT is happening pic.twitter.com/SDySHQZmRz
This was the greatest thing av seen on the bOx. Pat butcher on the reefs with bobby George pic.twitter.com/D7BKIj5X7e
Pat Butcher and Bobby George getting mashed, will there ever be such a historic moment on tele again? #GoneToPot
Watching Pat Butcher smoke marijuana isn’t the strangest thing i’ve seen a member of the Butcher family do. #GoneToPot pic.twitter.com/Lg79CB3BgZ
Pat Butcher smoking a spliff with a group of nuns is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV this year 😂 #GoneToPot pic.twitter.com/3aMi6ehMxH

November 13, 2017
Italy not qualifying for the World Cup and Pat Butcher smashing a bong whilst painting a cactus?! …I’ve seen it all tonight… #GoneToPot #ITAvSWE pic.twitter.com/wsjAH4e1PM

November 13, 2017
Whoever isn’t watching this cannabis documentary on itv switch over now😂 watching pat butcher stoned out of her head👌
Prior to the show airing, Pam told HuffPost UK she was hoping the show would help change attitudes towards the medicinal use of marijuana.

“I hope that people will actually get a better idea of the argument and the pros and cons, than they would if they were watching ‘Panorama’,” she said.

“Because I think we’ll get more viewers. People will say, ‘What? Those old biddies are going on a trip?’. I think that will tickle people’s interest.”

‘Gone To Pot’ continues on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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